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Miguel Angel Moreno  holds a bachelor degree in Psychology from the University San Martin de Porras. Given his commitment to social development he has been a firefighter volunteer at Grau 16, in Barranco since 2000.  Before joining Peace Corps in August 2011, he has worked for the American Red Cross on a project in Chincha.  Miguel Angel is the regional coordinator of Lima, Ica and Huancavelica but in October 2013 he is moving to assume this role in Chachapoyas, Amazonas.  He makes routine or special visits to PCV sites, assists PCVs with problems and emergency situations, under the guidance of the APCD, PCMO, or SSC.  Miguel Angel loves and enjoys his work and feels very happy when supporting the volunteer and when their projects succeed.  He is the father of a beautiful 4 years old daughter


Amazonasis a department in northern Peru bordered by Ecuador on the north and west and La Libertad on the south and consists of regions covered by rainforests and mountain ranges. Its capital is the city of Chachapoyas, which sits high in the mountains at over 7,000 feet and approximately 500 miles from Lima.  Four of Peace Corps Peru’s five projects are active in mountainous villages that surround Chachapoyas – Youth, Health, Water & Sanitation and Environment.

Vital Statistics:

  • Population Average: 443,025  thousand
  • Number of Volunteers Serving in Amazonas: 23 
  • Principle Resources: Cofee, rice, fruit, wood.
  • Projects in Amazonas: Youth, Enviroment, Health, Water & Sanation.